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ANZ Headquarters, Australia
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Victorian Desalination Plant
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Inspired roof gardens, vertical gardens and green facades

Fytogreen supplies the latest technology systems for greening the built environment, including design, construct and maintenance services...
Green roofs & Rooftop gardens
Vertical gardens and Green walls
Green facades & Living walls
Our unique hydroponic Planter Boxes.
Portable Displays for trade shows, parties or property sales.
We supply horticultural products for hydroponics/ soil enhancement / amelioration and also tree root anchors to the landscape industry.


Ours is a proprietary technology backed with 23 years of international research and growing experience modified and perfected to suit various climatic conditions around the world.
We are the largest supplier to the roof garden industry in Australia and New Zealand in component supply and installation - through to complete design, construction and maintenance.

Vertical Garden,Bligh St.
"Green roofs and vertical gardens help the world re-invest in it's natural beauty. We grow gardens to please the eye, to please the soul, to challenge the elements and express our spirit. We share the magic of watching gardens grow on buildings within our cities for the joy of our whole community"